Lise Zumwalt

Lise Zumwalt is a veteran producer/writer/director/editor of over 50 documentary films for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION, PBS, WNET, BBC, NBC, THE HISTORY CHANNEL and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on series including NATURE, NOVA, WIDE ANGLE, WHO CARES ABOUT GIRLS, AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS & LOCKDOWN as well as political campaigns and non-profit image and advocacy campaigns. Lise's projects have won 16 awards including a Chicago Int'l Film Festival Silver Hugo, a Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary and Best Documentary in international competition at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. Recent projects include the award-winning indie doc CRAZY and SNAP2108, an interactive website exploring the importance of participation in democracy featuring data and interviews on the 2018 midterm elections. Lise is also a partner on A BAND OF VOTERS, a get out the vote effort for youth. 


The Power of Paint - Pre-Production
(Co-Producer/Co-Director w/ DP Jerry Risius) When abstract painter Tim Lefens met a group of institutionalized teens born with cerebral palsy his life took an abrupt turn. Galvanized by the spirit he saw in their eyes, Tim figured out a way for them to use a brush without using their hands and to gain agency, power and identity using the power of paint.

SNAP2020: Interactive website - Pre-Production
(Creator/Executive Producer/Writer) SNAP2020 will build on SNAP2018, presenting an original platform for the 2020 elections that focuses on the voters. Content TBD.

A BAND OF VOTERS: GOTV effort for 2020 midterm elections- Pre-Production
(Partner w/ Joey Forsyte) ABOV will continue to partner with organizations to mobilize the youth vote on college campuses in California, the mid-west and the east coast. Strategy will build off of our 2018 effort and expand our reach.


SNAP2018: Interactive website
(Creator/Executive Producer/Writer) SNAP2018 is an original snapshot of the 2018 mid-term elections focused on the voters. Mixing short narrative films, interviews and data, SNAP invites viewers to watch, engage, participate and reference their points of view with others. We presented a series of short films on first time candidates and a series of interviews with two voter groups likely to influence the election - the Millennials, now the largest voting block in the country and the Non-Voters - a whopping 45% of eligible voters who sat out 2016. 

A BAND OF VOTERS: GOTV effort for 2018 midterm elections
(Partner w/ Joey Forsyte, Peggy Connolly) ABOV partnered with organizations to mobilize the youth vote by producing a series of Why I Vote films featuring young activists, initiated and supported campus voting events, produced an Instagram campaign to energize and inspire young voters and built a website that informed voters on candidates and issues and provided all the links you need to cast a ballot.

CRAZY:  Independent Documentary Feature
(60 mins)  (Producer/Director/Editor) CRAZY follows the story of a young man diagnosed schizophrenic as he struggles with his illness, his family, the local mental health system and the right to make his own treatment decisions. Official selection in 11 film festivals with 3 awards & distribution with American Public Television in the US and Espresso Media in the Middle East. CRAZY airs on US public television stations nationwide Spring 2019.

LATE TALKERS Documentary short
(20 mins) Portrays the impact of speech & language delays on five kids and their families.


A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION: National Geographic at 125 National Geographic Television (1 x 60) (Writer)

WHO CARES ABOUT GIRLS? Teen Prostitution; American Girls for Sale / Oxygen Media / National Geographic
(1 x 60) (Producer /Writer)
Winner: Gracie Award, Outstanding Documentary
Submitted for Emmy, Long-form Investigative Journalism

BORDER WARS:  Ocean Raid – National Geographic Television
Season 3, Miami (1 x 60)  (Post Producer/Writer)

BORDER WARS: Checkpoint Texas – National Geographic Television
Season 3, Texas (1 x 60)  (Post Producer/Writer)

BORDER WARS: Manhunt – National Geographic Television
Season 2, San Diego (1 x 60)  (Post Producer/Writer)

THE 1980’S: DEADLIEST DECADE: The Yuppy Murder - Lion TV/Investigation Discovery
Season 1 Ep 1 (1 x 60)  (Post Producer/Writer)

THE 1980’S: DEADLIEST DECADE: The Heartland Massacre - Lion TV/Investigation Discovery
Season 1 Ep 4 (1 x 60)  (Post Producer/Writer)

KILLER INSTINCT: Sheila La Barre – NBC News Peacock Productions
Season 1 (1 x 60)  (Producer/Writer)

KILLER INSTINCT: Vincent Brothers – NBC News Peacock Productions
Season 1 (1 x 60)  (Producer/Writer)

LOCKDOWN: Violent Teen Felons – National Geographic Television
 (1 x 60) (Producer/Writer)

DECODING DISASTER: Heat Waves - Granada USA / Discovery Times
(1 x 60) (Producer/Writer)

DECODING DISASTER: Avalanche - Granada USA / Discovery Times
(1 x 60) (Producer/Writer)

EVOLVE! Optomen Productions / The History Channel
Show treatment development and pre-production (Producer/Writer)

THE REVOLUTION - Partisan Pictures / The History Channel
 (4 x 60:00) - (Producer/Writer)

Inside the Secret Service – Partisan Pictures / National Geographic
(120:00) – (Co-Producer, Writer)

Ghosts of the Baltic w/ Bob Ballard– Partisan Pictures / National Geographic
(120:00) – (Producer/Director)

Raising the Monitor -  Partisan Pictures / BBC
(60:00)  - (Co- Producer, Writer)

IN-BETWEEN: Wall St Correspondents / NTV
Reverend Billy Thalen and the Church of Life After Shopping
Roddy Wiley, and the Smallest Bank in America
Economist Nouriel Roubini
(3 episodes) Director


American Investigative Reports; Miami Housing Crisis – PBS (Editor)
Mixed Blessings – Wide Angle/Thirteen Pitch Film (Editor)
Hunt for the Supertwister - Tom Lucas Productions/ NOVA WGBH (60:00) (Editor)  
Diamonds - Partisan Pictures / NATURE PBS (60:00) (Editor)
Beyond Human; Living Machines - /Tom Lucas Productions / PBS (60:00) (Editor)
Beyond Human; Body Electric- /Tom Lucas Productions / PBS (60:00) (Editor)
Unfolding Universe – Tom Lucas Productions / Discovery (60:00 ) (Editor)
Las Vegas: Behind the Neon - Boxing - Gabriel Pictures / DISCOVERY (30:00) (Editor)
Schizophrenia - Stolen Lives, Stolen Minds  - Partisan Pictures / DISCOVERY (60:00) (Editor)

20 Films for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & NG EXPLORER -  credit list on request


Producer and/or Editor Image Campaigns
UNICEF, 1992 - 2006
Presidential and senatorial campaigns (2 years)
NBC News w/ Tom Brokaw
48 Hours, CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News
Good Morning America
Inside Edition
711 (all multiple campaigns)
Coca Cola
NYC Fire Department
NCYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs


Impact Doc Award of Merit Special Mention 2017
Awareness Film Festival Women Director’s Award 2017
SMHAF Best Documentary International Competition 2018
Gracie Award Outstanding Documentary 2009
Chicago Film Festival Silver Hugo
Cine Golden Eagle(3)